Life At iHerb

At iHerb, we constantly strive for innovation, while transforming and improving the online shopping experience for our customers. We believe that individually we are incredible, but when we come together, our growth is infinite. In an industry that is constantly evolving, we are on a mission to make an impact on the global market, and the individual and collaborative efforts of our people are paramount to helping us succeed.

 Working Here

We value our diversity and the spirit of community, and we appreciate and value each other’s strengths. We regularly spend time together outside of work and organize company social events ranging from quarterly happy hours to off-site team-building activities and lunchtime competitive Super Mario duels.

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Our Culture

We believe our culture is entrepreneurial, diverse, and caring. Our philosophy to continually innovate, helps us build an environment where people can thrive and adapt quickly, embrace new tech advances, and build new skills to help them be their best selves. Our people are crucial to our success, on our journey to become the most prestigious global leader for health and wellness products. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At iHerb, we want our people to feel like they belong, and no matter what their background is, their voice and their ideas are listened to.  

Our stance goes beyond policies and it’s reflected in the way we do business with our products, shipping daily to over 188 countries globally. We take pride in having an almost perfectly gender-balanced workforce and see this as one of our greatest assets. 

To ensure we stay true to our values, we constantly develop and improve our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training offering for leaders and employees, and use advanced analytics to measure and benchmark our performance. We aim to hire and promote the best people for the right roles, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. 

Our Awards

We're delighted to receive recognition for our culture, and our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion.